Our Services

Safe and Secure Shipping

Our priority is to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your product by providing the best possible service.

Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment modes for our customers including prepaid, cash on delivery, ToPay, and Franchise ToPay.

Smart Tag

Create shipping labels for multiple shipments, displaying your brand name in a professional format.

Billing Records

You can check the cost details of each transaction easily at any time, so you can have a clear picture of each shipment's cost.

Insurance Protection

We provide the highest level of insurance coverage for lost or damaged shipments, so you can ship with confidence with NBRL Express Services Pvt. Ltd.

Quick COD Remittance

We understand the importance of cash flow for your business, that's why NBRL Express Services Pvt. Ltd. provides weekly COD remittance to keep your business running smoothly.

API Compatibility

With our API, you can streamline your shipping process by handling both single and bulk shipments on one platform and tracking all of them.

Top-notch customer service

Our top priority is ensuring that our customers receive the best support for any issues related to shipping or technology.